How to Subtly Make a Girl Like You

Last night, just before sleeping, I received a message: “Author, her birthday is coming up, and I don’t know what gift to give to the girl I like. If you have time, could you help me choose and give me some advice?” This message sparked my curiosity, making me wonder, “What is the most expensive gift you’ve given to a girl you like?” It seems that men who are willing to spend money on a girl they like generally have good character.

The High Failure Rate Despite Generous Gifts However, I can say with certainty that more than 90% of these gentlemen failed to win the girl’s heart. Holidays are great for giving gifts and can also help enhance your relationship with a girl.

The Right Identity for Gift-Giving But what role should you adopt when giving a gift? Are you her boyfriend? Sorry, you’re not; her male best friend? Sorry, you don’t qualify; just a friend? Is it appropriate for a friend to give gifts on Valentine’s Day? Somewhere along the way, boys started using gifts to please girls and prove their affection.

How to Properly “Please” a Girl? Today, let’s talk about the right way to “please” a girl. Single men meeting girls they like might fear that the girl lacks nothing, then resort to “gifts” as a blind way to please her. The seriousness of this approach goes without saying. When pursuing the girl you admire, it’s important to establish some boundaries. To put it bluntly, you need to have your own rules and principles.

Gift-Giving with Dignity If you want to give a girl something without making yourself uncomfortable or becoming her “backup plan,” maintain a moderate reward-punishment framework. For instance, if a girl helps you with a PowerPoint presentation or edits your resume, you can naturally offer a “gift” as a thank-you. This not only brings life intersections between the two but also enhances the girl’s regard for the relationship. Keep in mind: rewards don’t always have to involve money. Sometimes, compliments are more powerful and impactful. Of course, like rewards, mistakes must be punished; don’t apologize for everything.

Maintaining Clear Boundaries It’s crucial to be clear about right and wrong and not just indulge her. If a girl forgets something she agreed to and says “sorry,” accept her apology instead of taking the blame yourself, such as: “It’s my fault; I should have asked you to do this.” “You were too busy, it was wrong of me to ask.” … Put away the act of being an overly attentive “lickspittle” to gain her respect.

The Ideal of a Caring Man You can be a warm and caring “nice guy,” but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your career. Constantly revolving your life around her can stifle your personal growth. Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan met while filming the movie “Caught in the Web,” where they developed feelings during the shoot. Behind-the-scenes footage shows how considerate Mark Chao was, naturally helping Gao Yuanyuan fix her hair and tie her shoelaces…

Mark Chao was warm and always attentive to Gao Yuanyuan, but he never neglected his career. A man should be ambitious, as this makes him more attractive to women. The focus of a “nice guy” should still be on self-improvement and development. Guo Jing was an honest and warm man who never neglected his martial arts to please Huang Rong. I hope you see the essence of the path to singlehood. Only then can you stand confidently in front of the girl you like. A man who lacks ambition, even if married, could become a catalyst for separation. Alright, it’s normal to invest in someone you like, hoping she’ll reciprocate your feelings, but we should do so with the right mindset, not just as a bill payer.

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